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Organic Diaper Balm

$ 13.50

Did you know that babies are even more susceptible to toxic chemicals than adults are? You should use only the best, organic, nontoxic products on them. 

This diaper balm is truly an incredible natural healer! It is great for diaper rash and can also be used on minor cuts or abrasions or any skin issue for baby and mama! Apply with each diaper change. Certified organic olive oil has been infused with certified organic calendula flowers using the natural power of the sun. Petroleum free.

It has a natural chocolate scent and other healing ingredients which are naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. I've been told it clears up redness and irritation with only a few applications.

     Children are more vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals than adults.

    • children's immune systems and central nervous systems are immature and still developing
    • their bodies are generally less capable of eliminating toxins
    • children have roughly double the skin surface of adults per unit of body weight, so a child can absorb proportionally more chemicals

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